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Journals in the Marketing Communications field

Journal of Advertising - Ranking A
The Journal of Advertising (JA) is the premier journal devoted to the development of advertising theory and its relationship to practice. The major purpose of the Journal is to provide a public forum where ideas about advertising can be expressed. All papers published in the Journal go through a rigorous, double-blind, peer review process.
All research related to the various types of advertising will be considered for publication. This includes advertising effectiveness, advertising ethics, global advertising issues, and methodological issues. In addition, papers that examine the economic, political, social, and environmental aspects of advertising are welcome. Queries regarding the appropriateness of a topic and its fit with the scope of the Journal may be sent to the Editor by e-mail prior to submission of a manuscript.

Journal of Advertising Research - Ranking A
Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of The ARF (formerly Advertising Research Foundation), the Journal of Advertising Research, which has been in existence for more than 40 years, is dedicated to providing up-to-date and practical information, as well as theoretical discussions on diverse aspects of advertising, marketing, and media research. Its editorial emphasis is directed at exploring all possibilities for new and significant discoveries, even those that may challenge traditional thought in the field. The Journal of Advertising Research is published for academics, practitioners and users of advertising, marketing and media research.

International Journal of Advertising - Ranking B
The International Journal of Advertising (IJA) publishes original contributions on all aspects of marketing communications from the academic, practitioner and public policy perspectives. It includes: advertising and media, direct marketing, sales promotions, sponsorship, public relations and integrated marketing communications (IMC).
There are three features that distinguish IJA and provide a unique position for the journal.

  1. IJA focuses on issues of concern to practitioners, academics and policy-makers from a conceptual perspective.
  2. IJA has an underlying interest in public policy relating to marketing communications, which is regularly addressed in the journal and in frequent special issues.
  3. The make-up of the IJA Editorial Advisory Board provides a comprehensive and genuinely international pool of reviewers. Each submission is assessed by three reviewers in a double-blind process.

Journal of Marketing Communications - Ranking B
The Journal of Marketing Communications is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing research papers and information concerning all aspects of marketing and corporate communication, branding both corporate and product-related, and promotion management. It is a channel for discussing issues such customer relationship management, integrated marketing communication, together with behavioural foundations of marketing communications and promotion management. The Journal will also consider papers in internal marketing and in the corporate communications domain.

Journal of Advertising Education - Ranking C The Journal of Advertising Education is devoted to research and commentary on instruction, curriculum and leadership in advertising education. It is a publication of the Advertising Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Journal of Marketing Education - Ranking B The Journal of Marketing Education is the leading international scholarly journal publishing articles on the latest techniques in marketing education, emphasizing new course content and effective teaching methods. The journal also addresses such professional issues as development of the curriculum, career development and the state of the profession. The Journal of Marketing Education provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and experiences related to the process of educating students of marketing and advertising.