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Leading researchers and examiners

Name University Highest Qualification Previous Theses Examined Area of Research
Park Beede QUT PhD Masters, Honours Ad management, Strategy and planning
Associate Professor Steve Bellman Murdoch University PhD Masters and Honours theses Advertising management, self regulation, IMC.
Richard Buddle UC MA in Communication  (by Research) Masters thesis Brand anatomy/equity
Professor Mike Ewing Monash, Department of Marketing D.Com PhD, DBA, Masters Advertising effects; cross-cultural communications; viral marketing; ageing-client relationships; ambient and emerging media; health promotion, www
Anurag Hingorani UTS PhD Honours theses Word of Mouth Communication, Personality, Perceptions, Self-Efficacy
Gayle Kerr QUT PhD Masters and Honours Ad management, self regulation, IMC
Edwina Luck QUT PhD Masters and Honours IMC, new media
Sandra Luxton Monash PhD Masters and Honours Advertising and IMC.
Fiona Newton Monash PhD Masters and Honours IMC and Consumer behaviour
Rod McCulloch CSU Master of Marketing Honours and Masters thesis Work integrated learning, Authentic assessment.
Irene H Powell Monash University Master of Communication Masters and Honours theses IMC, communication, advertising
Mike Reid RMIT PhD PhD, Masters and Honours theses IMC, Product innovation
Ruth Spence-Stone UYS MBA Masters and Honours theses Teaching, trends and consumption
 Helen Stuart ACU PhD PhD, Masters and Honours theses Corporate identity, image reputation and branding
David Waller UTS PhD PhD, DBA, Masters,Honours Advertising, International Ad, Ad Ethics