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Teaching And Learning

Advertising Education in Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, there are 38 universities and 37 of these teach an undergraduate marketing communications unit. A further 27 teach it at postgraduate level. These subjects are taught predominately in the Business faculty (at 27 universities), although they are taught in Arts/Humanities at eight universities and in three graduate schools.

There are a number of universities that have an advertising major – including Bond, Canberra, Charles Sturt University, Curtin, QUT, RMIT, UTS and University of Western Sydney.

T&L Projects and Innovation

Carrick Grants
The Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education was established to promote and advance learning and teaching in Australian higher education. Its initiatives to achieve this goal include the Carrick Fellowship Scheme, the Promoting Excellence Initiative, and the Grants Scheme. For more information, see the website For possible collaborators, jump on our forum.

Graduate Capabilities
A current application of graduate capabilities is being trialled in the Advertising Campaigns unit at QUT. This trial is part of a larger Carrick Grant and uses an online marking and feedback system called ReView, developed by UTS, to demonstrate how graduate capabilities are being incorporated into assessment items. The trial is currently in progress.

Any updates on T&L projects, please contact us.

T&L Resources

Useful Websites
World Advertising Research Centre Advertising research, resources and case studies from all over the world.

Advertising Educational Foundation, Extensive collection of advertising educational resources, although mainly US. Also gives you access to most of the key advertising awards in the US, including creative and advertising effectiveness awards. Has a free email service.

Texas University has a great online collection of information about advertising.

Media Resources
Media resources are perhaps the hardest advertising resource to source and to keep current. Therefore, this shared receptacle is to help all who teach into the media planning area to share resources.

Media Federation of Australia has a comprehensive collection of resources and information on the media industry.